Are Psychedelics Legal in The United Kingdom?

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a hallucinogenic that is synthesized from the ergot fungus. The effects are comparable to those of magic shrooms.

Could hallucinogens be medicines?

This article will teach you about the legality of magic mushrooms, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA in the UK, and more.

Psilocybin (the active component in magic mushrooms) is classified as a Class A drug under UK legislation. This categorization implies that psilocybin has no therapeutic benefit and is a highly addictive and hazardous substance.

There is no proof to back up this distinction. Every year, additional studies are released that provide clear confirmation of the medication’s safety and therapeutic benefits. Magic mushrooms are unlikely to stay a Class A drug in the UK for much longer.

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Do Magic Mushrooms Grow Wild in The United Kingdom?

Magic mushrooms grow in many parts of the world, and the UK is no exception. London’s forests are home to more than 80 individual species of magic mushrooms. Picking them is accepted, but selling them is illegal.


What Are the Medicinal Uses of Shrooms?

In recent years, psilocybin research has been expanding, and there’s mounting evidence favoring therapeutic use.

A study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine shows that psilocybin may help treat clinical depression.

Other studies support the effects of magic mushrooms for existential anxiety (used in palliative care), addiction and substance abuse, and cluster headaches.

Psilocybin mushrooms are also being studied for their potential use in trauma-informed treatment, as well as their capacity to improve problem-solving abilities and stimulate creativity.

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