Integration of psychedelic experiences

LSD and psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”), two psychedelic medications, have showed promise in the treatment of mental problems, particularly when paired with supportive psychotherapy. Some preliminary study suggests that these medicines may potentially give psychological advantages to non-clinical individuals. The authors of the current study wanted to learn more about how psychedelic experiences might increase happiness.



According to the findings of these efforts, people with a history of psilocybin, followed by LSD5 MEO DMT, scored best in “environment relatedness” and understanding of climate change. The statistical analysis indicated that an increase in “nature relatedness” appeared to be the element that drove persons to explore knowledge about climate change. Surprisingly, the use of psilocybin or LSD was not associated with higher reports of climate concern.

“An additional component may be a generally decreased inclination to worry, as suggested by psychedelic users scoring higher than the average on emotional stability and a positive link between psychedelic use frequency and emotional stability,” the study team reasoned. In other words, psychedelics alleviate anxiety while increasing emotional stability.


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