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Buy Peyote Cactus | Lophophora Williamsii For Sale | Mescaline Powder

This cactus is a hybrid of two species: an Eriocereus jusbertii with a Peyote cluster grafted on top. The somewhat decreased mescaline production is a little disadvantage, but the enhanced growth rate compensates. This plant produces lovely pink flowers when it blooms, but psychonauts are more interested in the alkaloid Mescaline, which is contained in the plant’s tissue.

Effects of peyote cactus:

It may take some time for the mescaline to kick in, but once it does, it might be one of the most beautiful experiences you’ve ever had.
Mescaline is somewhat similar to LSD-25, but it is more soft, colourful, warmer and nicer. Sometimes you can travel through time and space, or communicate with your own spirit buy peyote online uk . Buy Peyote Cactus
The Peyote trip is more intense than the San Pedro trip, but also the nausea. A trip might last anything from 6 to 12 hours.
You could feel a bit queasy before the trip starts. However, there is no trace of a hangover thereafter.

Peyote grows at a snail’s pace. Cultivated specimens develop more quicker, often needing less than three years to full blooming adulthood. Implanting peyote onto mature San Pedro root stock promotes faster growth. The crown, or above-ground section of the cactus, is made up of disc-shaped buttons.



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