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What Are Cambodian Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms?

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Cambodian Gold Magic Mushrooms :This species of magic mushrooms is native to Cambodia, as the name suggests (Cambodian Magic Mushroom). During one of his trips to the country, mycologist John Allen discovered it. The Cambodian Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom strain, discovered to be an unusually quick preference  variety of mushrooms as it is noted for delivering an energetic trip characterized by sensational of exhilaration.,


How to Use Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Shrooms


  • Mild: 0.25 grams
  • Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 grams
  • Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 grams
  • Strong: 2.50 – 5.00 grams
Psilocybe Cambodian Shroom Potency


Although Cambodian Gold Magic Mushrooms are not the strongest variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms, they may deliver an incredibly pleasant high.

Cambodian Magic Mushroom Effects 


The sense of an energy high rushing through your body is a particular effect of Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia mushrooms. This sensation is strong and warm, and it is one of the reasons why this variety of magic mushrooms is considered as extremely effective. It’s worth noting that the energy sensation is incredibly smooth, not sudden or excessively electrical.

The following effects may occur when the trip begins: visual distortions, increased feelings of creativity, a rising admiration for art and music, open-eye and closed-eye hallucinations, an overall feeling of pleasure, a spike of joy, and more.


When the water hits a boil, add the dried Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian shrooms, reduce to a simmer, and steep for 10-15 minutes.




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