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Purchase Psilocybin Pills. Micro-dosing mushroom capsules is done to obtain experience from something more subconscious rather than the hallucinogenic effects of mushrooms. A single capsule of Psilocybin Cubensis is not meant to have a visible impact on the ordinary user; rather, it is intended for low dose, long-term usage.

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Nothing beats the cerebral clarity that a microdose of magic mushrooms provides. Our Pure Microdosing Mushrooms capsules offer exactly that—a 250mg microdose of pure dried magic mushrooms, ideal for clarity, focus, and inspiration. Microdosing magic mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular among both creatives and professionals. Most individuals report higher mood and better productivity, but virtually all microdosers describe an exceptionally pleasant experience.

Recommended Dose

1 capsule every 2-3 days, with a light meal before consumption. 250MG Organic Psilocybin is included in each pill. Our capsules are both Vegan and Kosher. Keep away from children and pets. All capsules have a one-year shelf life if stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. If you take more than two capsules, you may suffer anxiety, blurred vision, tiredness, or euphoria. This is typical and will go away in a few hours.

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