What Is the Future of Psychedelics in the UK?

What Is the Future of Psychedelics in the UK?

The United Kingdom is gradually shifting toward the legalization of some psychedelics for health reasons. This is a global trend that we are seeing. Other nations like Portugal and Spain, have moved to decriminalize narcotics in order to combat addiction and substance misuse (with promising results so far). In the UK, we don’t see this occurring anytime soon.

The Rise in Psychedelic Teletherapy

The coronavirus pandemic established the ideal conditions for the birth of ketamine teletherapy: a substantially increased need and awareness for mental health care services, a meteoric growth in telehealth services, and an easing of restrictions7 to allow for the spread of telehealth services. Ketamine is a large company that is rapidly expanding. The market for psychedelic chemicals was worth $2 billion in 2020, but it is predicted to climb to more than $10 billion by 2027, according to one estimate.

What Is the Future of Psychedelics in the UK?

Psychedelics, like any medicine that requires a prescription and professional care, can have various reactions in different people, including some severe side effects.

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